Echo ECHO Very frequently, chronic Disease patients (e.g. chronic respiratory ailments) do not have regular and frequent communication with their physicians, as they should, for various reasons: lack of time, economic difficulties or negligence; this in turn may induce exacerbation of their chronic condition and possible hospital admission.
allow-ensebles ALLOW ENSEMBLES Based on TSL’s award winning value computation methodology, asked to devise strategies/algorithms for people and systems, to cooperate and/or compete in “smart” future systems, such as flexible commuting in “smart cities” or flexible supply chains.
imse IMSE Co-Founder and Steering Committee member of the International Master’s on Service Engineering (IMSE), with student scholarships provided by the European Commission Erasmus Mundus program; with U. of Stuttgart and U. of Tilburg.
summersoc ASOC Director of the highly successful series of Advanced Schools on Service-Oriented Computing with internationally recognized lecturers, and with corporate support (IBM, CA Technologies, Google, etc.). About 100 participants every year, primarily from Europe.
cropped-header_logo HEPHAESTUS Our main objective is to elucidate the issues, concepts and characteristics that are vital for lifting the curse of dimensionality, imposed by the stochasticity on both demand and generation sides, from next generation smart electricity networks
newsplash Teaching Greek as a Foreign Languag Leads R&D team to design and develop advanced interactive (with personalized learning tracking ability) e-learning platform; self-learning or learning with (remote) assistance capability, to teach Greek as a foreign language.
dante DANTE Provides technical direction and management to project DANTE (Digital Agenda for New Tourism Approach in European Rural and Mountain Areas)
logo-homer HOMER Provides technical direction and management to project HOMER; the strategic MED project that focuses on the theme of Open Data, a world-wide policy aiming at making available and exploitable Public Sector Information (PSI).
logo-scube S-CUBE Founding member of S-Cube, an EU funded Network of Excellence (NoE), on Systems, Software and Services, that has established an integrated, multidisciplinary, vibrant research community, enabling Europe to lead the software-services revolution and helping shape the software-service based Internet which is the backbone of our future interactive society.
OISTROS-ANEMI-SKEPSIS-IFIGENEIA Led highly successful effort for the creation of the first Academic Digital Library in Crete, of the University of Crete; coordinator of nationally funded (through EU structural funds) projects OISTROS and ANEMI, to design and deploy new online services for the libraries of the U. of Crete
ITRUST Coordinator and Founder of an EU funded working group:To facilitate the cross-disciplinary investigation of fundamental issues underpinning computational trust models by bringing together expertise from technology oriented sciences, law, philosophy and social sciences
LYDIA LYDIA – Load Balancing on High Performance Parallel and Distributed Systems” was an ESPRIT project (BRA 8144) with the following partners: Institute for Computer Science – FORTH, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Informatique – University of Paris V, SNI, University of Zürich and University of Dortmund
DELOS Constantino Thanos: “The main objectives of the ERCIM WG on Digital Libraries were to stimulate interest and to encourage collaboration between the ERCIM research teams beginning to be active in this field.
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