Second SSME Workshop

Perspectives on Services

We are continuing a series of research workshops on SSME (in the style of the Gordon Conferences, see here).

The workshops will be of an international and interdisciplinary character and will help forge a new research and scientific community on Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME).

Typically the workshops will be limited in size (40-50 participants), will focus on a single research topic within SSME. They will foster the free exchange of ideas and help researchers, both from academia and industry, both senior and young researchers and graduate students from around the world, to network and start new cooperative research projects.

They will typically start on a Sunday and finish on a Thursday of the same week. They will also have a strong educational component, addressing both basic and applied research issues. In addition they will strive to promote best practices in SSME.

The first workshop in the series was held in Crete, during the last week of May 2007 (from Wednesday May 30 to Sunday June 3). The topic of this first workshop was: “The Business Process in the Service Science”.

The second workshop will be held in Palermo, Italy from June 2nd to June 6th. This workshop will be by invitation only and will be limited to 40-50 participants.

Funding will initially be provided by S-Cube Network of Excellence, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and IBM. Additional industrial sponsors are kindly invited to fund these events and will be gratefully acknowledged.

Second SSME workshop :

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