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  • University of Crete, Computer Science Department
  • Campus of Voutes
    Andrea Kalokerinou

  • Telephone
  • +30 281 0393597
    Fax: +30 281 0393530

  • How to get to the Transformation Services Laboratory
  • The Transformation Services Laboratory is located in to the Voutes University Campus, on Andrea Kalokerinou street, at the Computer Science Department building. The laboratory is at the 3rd floor of the building, at the south side, with office numbers Η306, E301, E303 and E201(IMSE). To get to the Campus using the public transportation, you can use bus line 011 from Knossos to PAGNI (University Hospital), or bus lines 020, 190, 200 and 330 from the center of Heraklion to PAGNI and ITE (FORTH).

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