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Welcome to the Transformation Services Laboratory


The Transformation Services Laboratory (TSL) of the Computer Science Department at the University of Crete (UOC) was founded in 2006 by Prof. Christos Nikolaou. TSL has a staff of about 10-15 academics, post-docs, graduate students and system analysts and developers, and performs basic and applied research, provides training and delivers services in the following areas:


  • Design and deployment of service systems, where both people and systems provide services, in order to co-create value; we study service systems both as economic entities and as a combination of people and information systems; we focus on ways for both business and operational objectives to be satisfied.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of systems and online services, which are compliant to the guidelines of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Delivery of high quality consulting and technical services in order to improve competitiveness and increase the value of service systems.



TSL collaborates for research and education on service systems with leading research labs and groups of recognized research excellence worldwide:


  • Through S-Cube , the Software Services and Systems Network of Excellence, funded by the EU FP7 IST program, with all leading European research groups on service-oriented computing. S-Cube has already established a unified, multidisciplinary, vibrant research community which will enable Europe to lead the software-services revolution; helping shape the software-services based Internet, the backbone of our future interactive society.
  • Through the EU Erasmus Mundus program funded International Master’s on Service Engineering (IMSE) , with the European Research Institute on Service Science (ERISS ) at the U. of Tilburg, the Netherlands, and the Institute of Architecture of Application Systems (IAAS)  at the U. of Stuttgart, Germany. The multi-disciplinary IMSE programme has been carefully designed, focusing on software service systems and new globe-spanning business processes to prepare students with a background in either business or information technology to become the new generation of service engineers.
  • Through the highly successful series of Summer Schools on Service Oriented Computing (SummerSOC) , directed by Prof. C. Nikolaou and a select group of internationally acclaimed academics and business executivesSummerSOC brings together the best international experts on software and services with PhD students, young researchers and professionals from leading academic, research and industrial organizations across Europe and around the world. Students who attend the prestigious Erasmus Mundus International Master on Service Engineering (IMSE) participate in the Summer School as part of their study program. Topics span the entire field of SOC from conceptual foundations to industrial applications.
  • TSL researchers have also collaborated on service value systems with researchers at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in NY. Several publications were the results of this collaboration, some of them already highly citedEarlier projects where TSL researchers participated include iTrust  (C. Nikolaou coordinator), an EU funded Working Group to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary investigation of the application of trust as a means of establishing confidence in the global computing infrastructure; iCities  which modelled the aggregation and segregation patterns in a virtual world of infohabitants (humans, virtual firms, on-line communities and software agents acting on their behalf).
  • TSL, through its members, is also contributing to the community through a number of consulting and service systems design and deployment projects, such as:
    • Design and deployment of a public key infrastructure (PKI) for the Greek Government (in cooperation with the U. of Aegean).
    • Participation to the technical consulting team for the design and deployment of the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) of the Municipality of Heraklion.
    • Leadership (C. Nikolaou was scientific director) in a number of digital library projects (OISTROS, ANTAIOS) that produced the U. of Crete Digital Collection ANEMH .
    • Design and deployment of a number of e-learning services for the Digital Library of the U. of Crete, and recently, for facilitating the learning of Greek as a foreign language .




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