SKEPSIS is a Digital Library system which’s content is constituted by the teaching material of educational institutions that use it and participate in the project. The collection is found still in the stage of growth. The collection is still in the process of expansion. Soon it will include a great number of course notes, presentations, exercise solutions and other course material that is presently used for teaching in the participating educational institutions.

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The THETIS system is viewed as a digital library of collections of multimedia information, scientific models, and visualization tools needed to locate and use for Coastal Zone Management (CZM). THETIS focuses on supporting CZM for the Mediterranean Region of Europe. CZM is a methodology for the holistic management of all coastal resources with the ultimate aim of promoting sustainable development of the coastal zones. European coastal regions, the Mediterranean region in particular, are under threat from over-exploitation, resulting in environmental degradation, most notably visible as marine pollution. CZM recognizes that pollution problems transcend political boundaries, and so to be effective, CZM requires the integration of multinational data collections as well as data management and data visualization across many scientific disciplines, such as marine biology, oceanography, chemistry and engineering.

CZM has received tremendous political support from the European Union, and a growing multidisciplinary scientific base exists with strong interest in networked, integrated, and interoperable systems for aiding the solution of various problems. The adoption of standards for data collection across regions for certain parameters has improved data integration to some extent. However, creation ubiquitous standards for all parameters/parameter combinations in all instances is unlikely and also does not satisfy the problem of integrating legacy data. What scientists and decision makers require are tools that enable them to access these disparate data sets, and to use the data in a form that is applicable to them to give them the information they require.

In the prototype system, organizations involved in the THETIS project make their data, simulation models and data processing and data interpretation techniques available. In addition, GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and specialized visualization tools are included.


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Digital Libraries (DL) have been made possible through the integration and use of a number of IC technologies, the availability of digital content on a global scale and a strong demand for users who are now online. They are destined to become essential part of the information infrastructure in the 21st century. The DELOS network intends to conduct a joint program of activities (JPA) aimed at integrating and coordinating the ongoing research activities of the major European teams working in DL-related areas with the goal of developing the next generation DL technologies. The objective is to (i) define unifying and comprehensive theories and frameworks over the life-cycle of DL information, (ii) build interoperable multimodal/multilingual services and integrated content management ranging from the personal to the global for the specialist and the general population. The Network aims at developing generic DL technology to be incorporated into industrial-strength DL Management Systems (DLMSs), offering advanced functionality through reliable and extensible services.

The Network will also disseminate knowledge of DL technologies to many diverse application domains. To this end a Virtual DL Competence Centre will be established which will provide specific user communities with access to advanced DL technologies, services, testbeds, and the necessary expertise and knowledge to facilitate their take-up.

Other important objectives are: to network and structure European DL-related research in order to consolidate an emerging community; to provide a forum where researchers, practitioners, and representatives of interested applications and industries can exchange ideas and experiences; to promote an exchange programme towards improving international cooperation in DL research areas.

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Anemi – Neoellinistis

Neoellinistis is a Digital Library of bibliographies, dictionaries and handbooks for the Greek Modern Studies. This collection provides the Internet user with the possibility to access freely bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, chronologies and other utilities related with Greek Modern Studies. It also provides the user with the possibility of locating relevant alternative information where digitalization is prohibited by the Greek law.

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